Our mission is to educate the public on the social disease of domestic violence by exposing the frequency, realities, and results of domestic violence while struggling for our own intellectual and emotional understanding as survivors of intimate partner violence and abuse. Goals: To confront the oft avoided issue of domestic violence and therefore remove the silence, myths, and social stigmas that 1) collude and conspire to perpetuate the abuse, 2) legitimize victim bashing, and 3) damage families and communities by voicing our own experiences and truths as well as focusing on studies and research that's largely ignored. We believe that: By voicing our experiences, we are empowered -- empowered in the sense of freedom to express ourselves, which is healing and therapeutic, as well as personally invested with additional responsibility for our words, actions and growing strength. By exposing ourselves as individuals, we expose our culture, and human nature itself. Until individual people become enraged and engaged in this issue, nothing will change -- neither in the political sphere, in our societal norms, nor even in individual families.