We Don't Hate Men

Many of us have fathers, brothers, grandfathers, sons and new male spouses, so we are not women who hate men or wish to engage in male bashing. However...

The facts show that males are the majority of the perpetrators of domestic violence, spousal abuse, intimate partner violence, and family violence; 90% of "systematic, persistent, and injurious" violence is perpetrated by men.

Since the best way to approach solving a problem is to look at the reality of the problem, it is not advisable to focus on the smallest 10% of the issue.

This is not to dismiss male victims or their stories. But it is reality time; so we'll be dealing with that reality.

Another fact about reality: We still live in a patriarchal society.

Men still earn more on the dollar that women do; men continue to hold more positions of power -- especially in areas that influence the issues of domestic violence, such a police, court rooms, etc.  Until men respect women as equals -- and take their own male roles and responsibilities more seriously, women and their children will not be safe.  We plan on addressing those issues, including making men aware of their privileges and responsibilities.

However, we neither see all men as abusers nor intend to blame all men, any individual of any gender, for actions they did not commit.

Comments asking us to be more inclusive -- or accusing us of hating men -- will be ignored or deleted.