Friday, April 15, 2005

"Take a minute today to remember..."

Louise – Died of a beating given her by the father of her child.
The child died with her.
He lives today.
Say her name – she was 15 years old.
Eva – Stabbed through the heart by an angry client.
Her last words were,
“It hurts. Why?”
Say her name – she was 14 years old.
Chevy – Passed out during the filming of a snuff flick.
She never woke up.
They all walked away.
Say her name – she was 16 years old.
Melody – Died alone in a seedy motel room of a heroin overdose.
Headlines raged...
“Why did Melody die!?”
Say her name – she was 12 years old.
Remember these and all like them
These children of men,
Say their names
Don’t let them die again.

©2004 Lili-G
(Lili's site is 'adult' but if you are of legal age, it's so worth the time!)


Lili said...

Thank-you. :-)

PenileCodeAvenger said...

No, Lili, thank you.

Tess said...

God, this made me cry. And I usually don't respond that way to stuff like this.