Tuesday, August 09, 2011

"Certain Things Hang On Forever"

In Framing Recovery from Child Sexual Abuse, Lisa Wade discusses anti-child abuse ads which might go too far...

The exhibit for discussion (above) is an Italian ad designed to draw attention to the seriousness of child sexual abuse.

Does the ad send a "If you have been sexually abused, you will be broken for the rest of your life" message?

I'm not a survivor or child abuse, so maybe I should keep my mouth shut; but then again, as a survivor of abuse at the hand of a (former) loved-one, I can say that abuse does change who you are for the rest of your life. As does discovering you have a peanut allergy, falling in love, and even going on your first beautiful horseback ride; we are the sum of our experiences, not all of them bad either. However, to imply that we are broken or damaged isn't right.

Perhaps it is best to consider us (those of us who get help, seek to improve ourselves, anyway) as repaired.

We have the marks and scars, visible or not, but we are perfectly useful, still beautiful. And in that light, just who among is is not repaired?

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