Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Links & News Regarding Abuse & Domestic Violence

Mainly I provide (or curate) links to news at Snip.It. Collections pertaining to this site can be primarily found in the following collections: Feminism, Herstory, Crimes Against Humanity, and Kinsanity. Here are just a few of the recent stand outs:

Science exposes the fact that violence & neglect actually changes the DNA of children.

If you want to understand the differences between republicans and democrats in terms of the Violence Against Women Act, see Violence Against The Wrong Women.

How to take action regarding VAWA: HERVotes & 4VAWA.

Dealing with toxic break-ups.

 It's true: Ultra-Orthodox Jews shun those who report abuse.

Just how male privilege damages men & women.

A powerful War On Women art project.

UPDATE: With the closing of Snip.It, all these curated links have been moved to Scoop.It.

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